Circle My Jewelry's Start

Why now?

Many times I've been asked if my jewelry is available for sale. My Guild Master teacher also says creativity needs to be shared.

Thanks to covid-19, time and place combined to realize that dream, to sell my jewelry. Circle8020 was born in 2020 when I turned 80 and I thought, perfect timing! 

Why Silver?

Shaping  materials started in my childhood sandbox play and with sewing. Later, I made early American dollhouse miniatures, carved alabaster stone, and now I work with silver and gemstones. Shapting metal into my imagined shape is an awesome experience!

Why you?
Worn daily, jewelry delights both the wearer, and the observer, and just selecting a jewelry piece lifts the spirit. Each distinctive design will last more than a lifetime!

 You own a piece of me in my creations. Wear each one with joy.