Necklace length choices

Pick a necklace length using your bust and body shape. Cut a string to test various length necklaces with favorite tops, since necklace lengths are from 16" to 30". Each has a place in style choices.

The choker is the shortest, high on the neck, while the 16" collar necklace rests on the collarbone. The necklace itself can be the show piece, or it can hold a pendant, and any neckline works with these two.

A useful and versatile length is 18", the princess necklace. A pendant on a princes necklace also shows with almost any neckline.

Other named necklace lengths are the matinee length necklaces, 20" long, and the 24" opera length necklace. A 28" rope necklace is a more formal length, and works well with turtleneck tops and boatneck styles.

Longest of all is the lariat necklace at 35" great for evening wear and scoop necklines.

Having a favorite necklace length is a big step in future jewelry choices. Give it a whirl!

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